Successful EuroShop 2023 I Viessmann


Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions joined successful EuroShop 2023 and strengthens business ties with food retail industry

  • Introduction of new solutions for food retailers and establishing new business partnerships
  • Numerous innovations from Viessmann presented at EuroShop 2023
  • High interest on the company’s sustainability strategy
  • Energy saving solutions including total energy management for food retail stores, new freezer island product range and offering based on natural refrigerants
  • Digitalization and automation solutions for the future food retail formats with unmanned store and robotic nano-storage system

Mainz, Germany, March 9th, 2023 – Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions, a leading provider of commercial refrigeration and clean room solutions, is proud to announce its successful participation in EuroShop 2023, held 26th February to 2nd March in Düsseldorf, Germany. The trade fair was a platform for the company to showcase its latest offerings, interact with food retail industry leaders, and establish new business partnerships.

Viessmann received a warm reception from attendees and created a positive buzz around its innovative products and services. The company's exhibition stand was visited by a large number of visitors, including customers and partners, who showed a keen interest in the company's offerings.

We care for life - sustainability that covers the full life cycle of Viessmann solutions

Viessmann’s exhibition theme “We care for life” showcased some of the latest food retail trends and innovations, including digital opportunities along with today’s challenges – and solutions – to sustainability and a healthier planet.

Exhibition attendees showed high interest in Viessmann’s climate strategy which is based on scientific frameworks to align actions with global climate goals. Saving of energy, reduction of CO2 emissions and choice of renewable energy sources are top priorities for the food retailing industry. Viessmann addressed those needs by presenting a total energy management solution, ESyCool green, which saves up to 20 % energy for the whole retail store compared to best-in-class current integrated solutions. The new freezer island platform, Tecto IS7, further reduces energy consumption with 15-45 % compared to other cabinets on the market. The visitors had the opportunity to see the modular and customizable Viessmann’s cold rooms, which are fully compliant with fire and personnel safety requirements and tested to be the most energy efficient on the market.

Food presentation is elevated by the details in the design

Food retailers frequently asked for solutions for better shopping and in-store experience. The new Viessmann cabinets have the same aesthetic design, providing a harmonious outlook in the whole store and great visibility for the displayed groceries. The new Tecto SV8 plug-in range, designed for food and point-of-sale promotions, had high attention to the visitors with the wide range of models and flexibility for installation. 

"We are thrilled with the success of our participation in EuroShop. The fair provided us with an excellent platform to connect with the food retail customers and showcase our products and services. We are looking forward to building strong business relationships and making a positive impact to our customers’ business and in preserving the planet for generations to come. " -Frank Winters // CEO at Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions.

Future food retail stores use automation and digitalization

Food retail is adapting more and more AI and use of data to improve the daily operations and providing new services for the modern shoppers. Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions’ automated store and nano-fulfillment center innovations caught the attention of the visitors and created a lot of buzz in the industry. Instant walk-in and walk-out technology developed by Pixevia was integrated with Viessmann offering, providing a fully automated store experience for the visitors.

In collaboration with Noyes Technologies, Viessmann showcased a fully automated, nano-fulfillment center to support retailers in optimising their growing grocery online business. The demonstration of the automated warehouse was a true eye-catching experience as visitors could order items from the warehouse delivered by robotics.

Viessmann's participation in the trade fair has helped to strengthen its position in the market and expand its reach to new customers. The company is dedicated in providing innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of the food retail and is committed to helping its customers achieve their goals.

Press Release: Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions joined successful Euroshop 2023 (PDF 103 KB)