Driven to be smarter and more digital

Smart and digital

Grocery retailers are currently in the midst of a revolutionary change that’s a complex but necessary one if they’re to remain relevant. In the future, retailers that remain will have fully embraced a range of seamlessly integrated digital solutions across their locations.

Technology will offer more engaging, relevant and personalised in-store experiences for customers resulting in part to digital partnerships, which will play a key role in streamlining retailer processes, enabling them to adopt digital technology much faster.

With the future of food retail going smarter and more digital, Viessmann Refrigeration is prepared alongside our customers and is looking forward to showcasing these solutions at EuroShop 2023. We’ll show how together with our customers, we look at and consider more rapid and automated delivery innovations, the evolution of click-and-collect solutions, nano-fulfilment, improving the shopping experience with analytics, integrating smarter technologies, and much more.

Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions will showcase our smart and digital solutions at EuroShop, including:

  • Considering the evolution of click-and-collect as part of the retail store
  • Improving efficiency with more rapid and automated delivery solutions
  • Ensuring faster availability of foods to customers as a result of nano-fulfilment
  • Innovating the check-in and checkout process to be more frictionless
  • Employing smart technologies for learning + daily use of analytics and data

This is Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions. Because we care for life.

Hope to see you in Düsseldorf this February!

Viessmann - Euroshop 2023 invitation image